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Post PSLE courses in October 2021

We are offering P6 students who have completed their PSLE and interested to learn robotics and coding. Courses applicable to both beginners and students with experiences. Sec 1 students are also welcomed.  Please contact us for individual customise courses

Robotics and Coding Courses offered

Offered at Coronation . All courses come with a certificate of completion. Click here to register

1) LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics

    • Lego Mindstorms EV3 is a popular robotics system used by many secondary schools in Singapore for their CCA. Our Courses caters for both beginners as well as advanced level.
      • EV3 Beginner Course- For those without Robotics or coding  experience 
      • Focus on basic building using EV3 robotics set and programming simple robotics movements using EV3 sensors such as Touch, Colour and IR 
      • Learn programming codes such as MOVE, Wait, LOOP and SWITCH
      • $300 for 10 hours course (4 sessions)
    • EV3 Intermediate- For students who have experience in EV3 or completed EV3 Beginner course
      • Build EV3 models with multiple sensors and more complex mechanical designs.
      • Programming using advance EV3 commands such as data-wires, Myblocks and Bluetooth  
      • Advance Line following and Obstacle avoidance using PID
      • Build and program a competition type robot
      • $300 for 10 hours course ( 4 sessions)

2) Arduino and C++ programming Robotics 
    • Ardiuno and C programming are taught in several Secondary schools as elective
    • Students who have done LEGO Robotics can explore learning Arduino and C coding
    • Students will also learn about electronics components and its functions
    • Connect and Program Arduino with different electronic components for different projects
    • Build an Arduino robot and program it for different tasks
    • Interested students can follow up with advanced courses
    • $300 for 10 hours course (4 lessons)

3) 3D Modelling & Printing (new)

    • Beginner introduction to 3D Modelling using TinkerCAD software
    • Understand what 3D modelling extraction is, alignment, extrude process
    • Generating 3D printing file for 3D CAD
    • Design and print interesting artifacts to bring home
    • $350 for 8 hours (4 sessions 2 hours per session)

4) Python Program (ONLINE CLASS)

Python Coding 1 

    • Introduction to programming and Python
    • Using Python Thonny IDE
    • Python programming syntax
      • Print function & Users inputs
      • Decision making & Loop structures & Functions
    • Application of Python coding in CodeCombat
    • Students need to have a laptop
    •  8 lessons ONLINE (  1 hour per lesson)
    • $250 per person

 Python Coding 2

    •  Learn more about print function
    • Learn more about decision commands: nested if
    • Repetition using For … Loop methods
    • How to use Flowcharts in coding
    •  How to create own functions
    • How to use List in Python
    • Application of Python coding in CodeCombat 2 (OZARIA Adventure)
    • 8 lessons ONLINE (  1 hour per lesson)
    •  $250 per person


Python Coding 3

    •  Step by step in making 2 Python Games
      • Ninja Turtle attack
      • Bouncing Ball
    • Learn to apply all the commands learnt in Python Basic 1 and 2
    • Add sound to your game
    • Add background image to your game
    • Publish and Share your game
    • 8 lessons ONLINE (  1 hour per lesson)
    • $250 per person


Python Coding 4

    • Learn electronics circuits with Python
    • Coding Micro:Bit with Python to:
    •  Display images on Micro:bit
    • Read different sensors reading
    • Build simple games
    • Micro:Bit to Micro:Bit Bluetooth communciation
    •  Build your own project and code with Python
    • 8 lessons ONLINE (  1 hour per lesson)
    • $300 per person (plus a Micro:bit basic kit)

To register please click on the link below. Payment on first day of class.