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About Us

Established in 2008, Robotics Connection is a leading educator in robotics, coding and other technologies in Singapore.


We offer a variety of enrichment courses, holiday camps and special workshops for all ages, from children, teens to adults. 

Weekly Robotics Courses

Weekly Coding Courses

Robotics Innovation Challenge (RIC) Dec 2022

Our Holiday Camps


HOLIDAY CAMPS May - Aug 2023

Robotics Connection class
Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 Spike Prime.jpg

SPIKE Prime Camp
(ages 9+)

  • Introduction to Lego SPIKE Prime robotics.

  • Build and program robots with colorful Lego elements and a drag-and-drop Scratch-based programming software.

  • Learn the basics of movement and sensors. 

  • Learn and apply engineering design concepts, develop problem-solving and basic coding skills.

3D Modelling & Printing
Camp 1 & 2 

(ages 9+)

  • Introduction to the fundamentals of 3D design and printing.


  • Develop understanding of design thinking and key 3D design considerations.

  • Learn to use Tinkercad, a 3D modelling program.


  • Design and print innovative products.


  • Those who have completed Camp 1 may sign up for Camp 2 to pick up more advance techniques in 3D modelling and extrusion.

Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 3D Modelling.jpg
Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 Robot Inventor.jpg

Robot Inventor Camp
(ages 10+)

  • Introduction to Lego MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor.

  • Learn to construct and code robots using block-based coding or Python text-based coding.

  • Build and experiment with different robots to carry out a variety of tasks and missions.


  • Develop understanding of both engineering and coding concepts

  • Foster creativity, problem-solving and logical thinking skills.


Lego Engineers Camp
(ages 6-8)

  • Introduction to a variety of engineering and physics concepts, such as gear ratios, lever classes, and pulley system.

  • Build different projects at your own pace.

  • Gain an understanding of mechanical concepts.

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

  • The concepts and skills learned over this camp would complement our robotics courses. 

Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 Lego Engineers.jpg
Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 Arduino.jpg

Arduino Robotics &
C++ Coding Camp

(ages 11-16)

  • Introduction to Arduino micro-controller.

  • Programming Arduino using Scratch.

  • Introduction to C++ programming.

  • ​Introduction to basic electronics components.

  • Programming Arduino with electronic sensors and actuators (motors, buzzers and displays).

  • Build an obstacle avoidance robot.

Math Games & Stories with Scratch Camp
(ages 8+)

  • Introduction to coding with Scratch. 


  • Learn coding concepts, such as user inputs, Loops, broadcast, decisions and sensors.

  • Create dance, game animations and adventures:

    • ​Scratch cat and mouse game

    • Scratch dancing names​

    • Scratch hide and seek game

    • Scratch Math games, such as area, perimeter, sequences and logic

  • ​Animate "The Avengers Endgame".

  • Create stories with Scratch.

Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 Math Games .jpg
Robotics Connection Summer Camps 2023 mobile app coding.jpg

Mobile App Coding 
Camp (NEW!)
(ages 10+)

  • Learn the basics of app design using MIT’s App Inventor software

  • Develop your own apps that may be downloaded to Androids or Apple devices

  • Create game apps, drawing apps, Math apps, App to control a robot, App using the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

  • Finally, create an app of choice with
    your own ideas

  • Must have experience in coding (Scratch and Python or Lego SPIKE Prime/Robot Inventor/EV3)

Why Robotics Connection?

Experienced Instructors

Our team of instructors are experienced and passionate in teaching robotics, coding, Lego engineering, 3D Design and other technologies.

Comprehensive Curriculum

 Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in tech, we will help you achieve your goals for learning and development with our comprehensive curriculum.

Small Class Size

We maintain a small class size with a low student : teacher ratio for an enhanced learning experience.

Personalised Learning

We customise your learning journey with us and cater to your learning pace, style, needs and strengths.

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