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DSA Application

How can we help?

At Robotics Connection, we are committed to helping your child develop his/her portfolio for DSA application.

Before you get your child started, however, we would like to advise you to first confirm on his/her interest in technology, including but not limited to robotics, coding, 3D printing, electronics and app development, as the process involves a huge time commitment and effort. 


​If your child is genuinely interested in the above, please note that he/she will need to invest at least 1.5 years (ideally 2 years, starting latest in Primary 4) in learning the basics, gaining the skills and exposure in different technologies, participating in various team competitions, as well as building his/her individual portfolio with us.  Regular attendance is required and extra training sessions will be needed before competitions.


​We would also encourage you to research on the schools that you are interested in applying to, and attend their Open House as they may have different DSA entry requirements and selection processes. For more information regarding DSA, please refer to:


​Based on your child’s areas of interest and the schools that he/she will be applying to, we will customise a plan for him/her and help with building a portfolio with individual / team projects and experience in team competitions. 

Please be reminded there is no guarantee that your child will get into his/her school(s) of choice with a DSA application, and please understand that it is one of many factors in any admissions process.

​If you have further questions for us regarding DSA, please feel free to contact us. Thank you! 

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