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About Us

Quality Robotics, Coding and Technology Education in Singapore

Why robotics, coding or tech?

With the technological advances of the 21st century, our lives are now built around technology.  Learning robotics and coding has become essential as it allows us to navigate life with an understanding of the working principles, goals and purpose of different technologies. 

Technology education encourages development of critical thinking, problem-solving skills, enhances creativity and innovation, all of which are important qualities for us to have in the ever-changing world.

As we apply knowledge of S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in our projects, it reinforces our learning in these areas and provides a crucial connection between education and real-world application.

Robotics Connection photos
Robotics Connection past competition photos

Why Robotics Connection?

Established in 2008, Robotics Connection is a leading educator in robotics, coding and other technologies in Singapore. 

We offer a variety of enrichment courses, holiday camps and workshops for different age groups throughout the year.  

We also provide training sessions in local and international schools, community clubs, corporate and private settings.

Our mission is to inspire and nurture scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow by training and equipping them with important skills, useful tools and an innovative mindset in a friendly environment.

  • Low student : teacher ratio.

  • Each participant works on his/her own project at his/her own pace.

  • Specific learning objectives in each session or course.

  • Simple mission and challenge in each session.

  • A team of dedicated and passionate instructors.

  • Strong track record in robotics competitions.

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